Are Your IT Systems Set Up To Win?

You probably know the importance of having your IT Systems properly set up so that they don’t let you down. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if your systems are failing until it’s too late. An unexpected failure might slow down or stop your business completely. Are you all set to avoid the worst?

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Are my IT systems set up correctly or are they set up to fail?

Am I getting the most from my current IT provider or are they just taking my money?

How can I keep all my files and documents secured all in one place?

Will my business continue to operate as normal in the case of a disaster at the office?

How can I make collaboration within my team more efficient and seamless?

These are probably only a few of the many questions popping through your head when it comes to protecting your business from a massive IT failure.

With over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry, I have seen many things going wrong. I can help you with all of these questions and any others you may have as well as pointing you in the right direction towards securing your IT systems.  

I have been helping Auckland businesses keeping on top of their network security, business continuity and IT solutions needs for over 15 years with IT consultation and support services.

I understand and feel the frustration that comes with having your systems not running properly and slowing down your business productivity.

I will take the frustration away from you and provide you with the best IT solutions to suit your needs. You can rest assured that your devices run smoothly and all your important data is safely stored and managed.

Always protected in case of a disaster

As a business owner, you need to cover your bases. As I always say ‘two is one and one is zero’. Don’t get caught with your pants down.
Ensure your business can continue in the event of failure. Are you set up to avoid the worst?


Keep your files and documents all in one place

If your business is not organised, how is it going to operate effectively?
We implement Office 365 or Google Suite based on your needs.
Centralised data shared with others so you can collaborate with internal and external users.


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Centralised collaboration

Having a centralised collaboration system means that your processes will be more streamlined and easy to execute, which will save you lots of time.

Some of the incredible benefits of a centralised collaboration system include: 

  • Shared calendar and email with other employees.
  • Synced calendar and email across all devices. Eg what I see on the phone mirrors what is on the computer.
  • Robust spam filtering and security.
  • Shared files and folders.

Recently I partnered with an Auckland optometrist

I have an Optometrist client that had a server on the verge of collapse. It was hanging on by a thread. The data was becoming corrupted and was hardly staying on.

I was contacted by the person looking after the system, which was a family friend. He was an IT worker with a full-time job at a large accounting firm. He did not have the time to look after his friend’s system anymore. Especially in the state it was since it needed a lot of work!

I stepped in and assessed the server and system. They had an ESX server with one Windows 2012 virtual server on it. We could see heavy corrupting on the data. So far, their applications were running OK but the server would go down regularly due to the corruption.

They needed new server hardware but in the short term, we needed to move the system on any other temporary hardware. I migrated it to an interim server (desktop computer with ESX on it) and stabilised the corruption. The corruption ceased, so our hypothesis that the hardware was causing it was correct.

I then procured a robust server solution for them from Dell. Put this together and migrated the software again to this. They now have a robust solution that will last for years. With redundancy built-in so if something goes wrong with the hardware it can be easily replaced.

Do you want to rest assured your IT systems are secured?

The first step is a free strategy session

Your peace of mind is paramount. In this session, we will talk about your current situation, your desired situation and look at the best ways to get you there smoothly. 

What My Clients Are Saying

Do you want complete peace of mind that you are working with a trusted professional? Find out what some happy clients have to say about working with Dominic and Chop IT Services.

Chop has a professional manner and prompt turnaround; Dominic has provided Schupepe with IT Consultation for over 8 years. He is a clear communicator and ensures he understands the requests made from us. He has implemented Google Suite and other cloud solutions for us. He provides proactive support for our network and puts in solutions to ensure our business runs smoothly.

Patrick Schuster

Director, Schupepe Stretch Tents and Events

Great affordable and fast service, would definitely use again!!


Dominic has been our IT Consultant for over 5 years. He has kept our computer systems up to date and provided invaluable support when things went wrong. It’s been great to have him keep the most critical part of our business running smoothly.

Hamish Stirrat

Director, Fabricate Architecture

Dominic has provided excellent personalised online service, fixing issues on our home computers and also providing assistance, advice and service to all the employees and some committee members in the charity I am involved in. I have been very pleased with all the work Chop IT has done for us.


Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition

Your next step to your success

Every client I talk to is different. Different needs and outcomes. Take advantage of my FREE no-obligation Strategy Session. We will have a comprehensive chat to address your specific needs and goals and to determine if we could be a good fit.

Some of the points we will cover include: 

  • Understand your current situation and your desired situation.
  • Dig deep into what you need, consider your current efforts and see what could be done to improve results.
  • Determine if I can help you and would be a good fit.
  • Answer any questions you have, that have been weighing on your mind.

The session, which will provide massive value is FREE to people that are serious about wanting to improve their IT system security, online visibility and invest in an effective website. It is a no-obligation session. It is about understanding what you need and help you going in the right direction.

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Are Your IT Systems Healthy?

If your IT systems don’t work as they should, your business will suffer. Make sure your systems are in tip-top shape to avoid unexpected issues that might slow down or stop your business completely.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any other question you would like me to answer, please get in touch on 09 889 3449 or send me a message through the contact form.

Do you work with people all around New Zealand?

I am able to supply solutions to businesses New Zealand wide. I use secure remote desktop services, which allow me to supply solutions to anyone in the world.

Why should I choose you?
  • I speak your language – no geek talk.
  • I am proactive. I am always thinking of solid innovative solutions to make your business better.
  • I measure twice and cut once. We do it right the first time to minimise lost time for the client.
  • I constantly look to provide value to our clients.
  • I offer friendly personalised service – you will not get lost in the crowd.
  • Chop IT offers more than just IT services. I build businesses with marketing services as well.
What services can you help with?

IT Consultation and Support, Digital Marketing, Web Development.

What can I expect from working with you?

Integrity, transparency, commitment, clear communication and honesty. Just to name a few.

How long will it take to see results?

It really depends on the service.

I usually build websites between 4-6 weeks, sometimes might take longer it is a complex website if you require additional add ons (like email autoresponder set up, for example).

For IT support, it depends on the specific needs and requirements. I can usually give a timeframe after assessing your systems.

Digital marketing is almost impossible to set a timeframe as it is an ongoing process that requires a lot of testing and experimenting. Very likely that results will start showing between 3-6 months.

Get in contact to discuss your specific needs.

Is there a minimum contract?

Yes, some of my services have a minimum contract. Get in contact to find out more.

Are there any guarantees?

I can guarantee you are in the best hands when working with Chop IT Services.


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